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DOF Calculator Pro

1.91 usd

DOF Calculator Pro is the paid ads free and permissions free version of the most popular DOF Calculator on Android Play Store. Calculates Hyperfocal Distance, Near Focus Limit, Far Focus limit, and Depth of Field(DOF). Includes 1)Quick Mode ( with dropdown menus)2)Manual Mode ( with edit boxes )3)Reverse Mode4)Aperture Mode
Also now supports Custom 1 and Custom 2, user editable custom settings for quick retrieval, ideal for multiple camera setup.
SHORT CLICK on text to change its unit (meters, cm, feet, inches, etc)LONG CLICK on C1 C2 to edit saved values.
Has option to select teleconverters, automatically corrects focal length and apertures.
Quick Mode, lets user select most common settings using drop down menus for easy, quick and convenient selection.
Manual Mode lets user enter values manually for maximum flexibility and professional users.
Reverse Mode, takes Near Focus and Far Focus distance values and calculates all the possible combination of focal lengths and apertures to achieve the entered values.
Aperture Mode lets user select Camera, Focal length, and Subject Distance, and calculates resultant depth of field against all aperture values.
Supports more than 200 SLRs, DSLRs and Compact Cameras from Canon, Nikon, FujiFilm, Kodak, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung, Sigma, Sony, Four Third System, 35mm Film, Medium Formats, Large Formats, Blackmagic Cinema, Red, Super 16, Super 35, and many more
Last used settings are automatically saved.